Next Stop: To Be Determined -   CITC-10

July, 2018




Be on the lookout for our announcement on Facebook for our CITC-10 location!

 **Expanded versions of selected papers will be published in a special issue of the ASCE "Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice", to be published in March 2018.




The mission of the CITC (Construction In the Twenty-First Century) Conferences is to facilitate communication between multidisciplinary teams, especially those involved in engineering, management and technology. In this regard, interdisciplinary integration and international cooperation are encouraged. It is the purpose of CITC to provide an international forum for the discussion of topics important to developing new knowledge in construction and engineering disciplines.

 CITC-9 Organized and Supported By:

  East Carolina University Department of Construction Management               Auburn University                 Florida International University               City University of Science & Information Technology