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July, 2018


Final Paper Deadline: November 30th, 2016

Note: New paper submissions are no longer be accepted for the CITC-9 conference

Paper Information

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***New paper submissions for the 2017 CITC-9 Conference are not longer being accepted***


  • Time Limit: All presentations should be under 12 minutes leaving 3 minutes for questions NOTE: These presentations will be timed - If you go over your time you will be stopped mid-presentation, so please time yourself while practicing your presentation and be sure to leave yourself enough time for questions.
  • What to Bring: Please bring a USB/Flash drive with your powerpoint slides on it, a projector will be provided
  • Presentation format: Please use the template below to create your presentation
  • Program: View the Program to determine your presentation time


CITC-9 paper submissions should be written on one of the following topics:

  • Leadership/Management Techniques
  • Successful Business Practices
  • Architectural Management
  • Modern & Future Trends in the Industry
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Lean Construction Practices
  • Laser Scanning
  • 3D Printing
  • Augmented and/or mixed reality
  • Legal issues in Construction
  • Life Cycle Cost and Cost Analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Procurement Management

  • Project and Program Management

  • Quality and Productivity Improvement

  • Risk Analysis & Management

  • Seismic Design Issues

  • Successful Business Practices in Construction

  • Sustainable Design and Construction

  • Concrete Technology

  • Construction Contracts

  • Construction Economics

  • Construction Equipment Management

  • Construction Innovation

  • Construction Process Simulation

  • Construction Projects Administration

  • Construction Safety

  • Construction Scheduling

  • Cost analysis & Cost Control

  • Cultural Issues in Construction

  • Delays Analysis & Management

  • Design & Construction of Tall Buildings

  • Design-Build Construction

  • Digital Practices in Construction

  • Engineering & Construction Materials

  • Ethical Issues in Engineering and Construction

  • Information Technology and Systems

  • Infrastructure Systems and Management

  • International Construction Issues

  • Leadership in Engineering & Construction


In order to submit a paper to the conference, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a 6-8 page paper using our OpenConf portal (see directions below) written on one of the topics above WITHOUT your name on it for the blind review process. *CITC-9 does not require a preliminary abstract submission. Please submit full papers only.*
  2. After the paper is submitted, it will go through a double-blind peer-review process, providing beneficial feedback for your final paper submission.
  3. You will be able to review the comments of your peer reviewers and make changes to your paper.
  4. You will polish your final version (with peer-revision corrections) and submit it using OpenConf.
  5. Please make sure your final paper adheres to the paper template (see bottom of this page) AND includes all author's names.
  6. Once your FINAL paper is submitted, you will need to submit a copyright form, see below.
  7. The last step is to register for the conference.

** Authors are not required to attend the conference OR present their papers, but if you would like your paper to be published, at least ONE author must pay the publishing fees.**

Paper Submission

Submitting your Paper Using the OpenConf System

  1. For authors, please use the “Authors” tab and select the “Upload a File” feature and follow the directions. Please upload a MS Word Document.

  2. You will then create a password that you will use for the duration of the conference.

  3. When you are finished entering in your information, please make sure to select the blue button at the bottom of the screen that states, “Make Submission” at the bottom of the page.

  4. After entering in your submission, you will see a “Submissions” page that will provide your Submission ID number. You will use this ID and password each time you access the online system.

  5. CITC9 will send you an e-mail notification. Upon paper acceptance, your paper will go through a peer review process .

This software allows authors to check the status of their paper, see comments from reviewers, and make changes and corrections.

Papers should be limited to 8 pages, and require an English edit before final submission. When submitting your full-length paper, please submit a blind version for the review process. Do not include any names, universities, organizations, or contact information in the file. When submitting the final version (after the review process), add that information back in. Please use the Writing Guidelines (below) when preparing papers. A sample paper and template are also provided for your convenience.

Proceedings and Special Issues

All accepted peer reviewed papers will be published in the ISBN numbered conference proceedings. Furthermore, papers of high quality from those presented in the conference will be selected and their authors will be invited to prepare a substantially extended version and submit it for potential publication (after a peer-review process) in a suitable journal.

Paper Guidelines

Please use the writing guidelines and paper template to structure your submission properly. If in need of assistance, please refer to the sample paper, all provided below:

Paper Template

Writing Guidelines

Sample Paper